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Dj Djuke was born on February 10th 1984
in Aix-la-Chapelle, Germany.
He found his love for music at an early age and
discovered his passion for Electro music when he was 16.
After regularly visiting Hardcore events in the Netherlands,
he decided it was time he stood behind the turntables himself,
so he started saving up for his own equipment.
When he was 17, Djuke met the artist DJ Mystery,
who is very well known with the Hardstyle / Jump crowd and
who invited him to deejay at Blue Palace in Belgium.
For the two following years , Djuke deejayed every weekend at Blue Palace,
under the name of Sonic Bangers Crew along with Dj Mystery,
Dj E-Light and Dj Paraghandy.
In 2002 his friend Dj Smog taught him how to use the Impulse Tracker Software.
Furthermore he learnt how to use the analog drum computer Roland 909
and the at the time very popular Access Virus B synthesizer.
That way his first very own productions of different
audio sequencers came about.With time,
Djuke assembled his own studio,consisting of an Access Virus Ti synthesizer,
an Audio Interface, an RME Fireface 800,
a Tascam digital mixing desk, a Roland Sh-201 synthesizer
(he recommended his friend of Dj Gigi (Solution X Records)
for several years as the hardcore DJ and producer did a good
job)and a Steinberg Cubase Sequencer.In 2010 he took over Dj
Elight´s studio space at Musikbunker in Aix-la-Chapelle where
he works on his own productions, either by himself or with
other DJs / Producers. Djuke mostly produces Hardcore, but
he also does Electro, House, Minimal, Techno, Hardstyle and, since
2012, Hip Hop.
Meanwhile Djuke made a name in the scene and regularly puts on
several events in Germany, Holland and Belgium.


Blue Palace – Belgien 2000-2002
Megaparc Weilerswist – DE 2006
Club Memory Oberwesel –DE 2001-2004
Music Palace Peppermill – NL 2009/2012
Muziek Cafee Kerkrade – NL 2007
Club Loco Coast – NL 2008
La Quinta – Belgien 2006
S38 Koblenz – DE 2010
Area 51 Bochum – DE 2009
C-You – Belgien 2005
Club Old Daddy – DE 2010
Roccadero Krefeld – DE 2010
Raketenbasis Pydna Kastellaun – DE 2011/2012
Menfis – Spain 2002
Club Himmerich – DE 2011
Ritz Nightlife – DE 2001
Fiasko Aachen – DE 2011
KlimBim Aachen – DE 2012
Musikbunker Aachen – DE 2003
Mensa Aachen – DE 2004
New Water Aachen – DE 2008
Berks Würselen – DE 2001-2012
KlimBim Würselen – DE 2004
Rockfabrik – DE 2006/2007
Twilight Eschweiler – DE 2000-2001
Turbinenhalle Oberhausen – DE 2005
Bonanza Dortmund – DE 2006
Club No Name Köln – DE 2005
Club Fabrik Köln – DE 2004
Logo Koblenz – DE 2003/2004/2005


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Some Birthday Editions and other Events.

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